Protection from Free Antivirus Software, Why Not?


Nowadays, it is nearly impossible that there will be no any antivirus on your computer. The higher technology and its knowledge, it will be a higher chance for some problems increase. That is why antivirus software becomes the most important and precious one for many people. It has a function to maintain and protect the computer from any kind of virus that has more chance to damage the inside computer easily. In that situation, there are so many antiviruses which are excellent to have even free software antivirus.

Free yet Excellent Antivirus Software to Protect Your Computer

Actually, you do not need to purchase any higher price for the best protection. The free antivirus does not also come behind the paid antivirus software. Although you will not be charged any cost for the protection, it does not mean that you will get the worst protection. Here is the best recommended free antivirus which is highly excellent to use for your computer:

  • Avast Antivirus

Who does not know this antivirus? This antivirus is already presented for long decades ago. As the legend one, you need to install this antivirus. Moreover, you will have a password manager and an excellent security networking. If you need more features, so you do not need to be worried since Avast will give a special bonus for some event for security-related features that highly needed.

  • Kaspersky

Besides Avast, there is another popular free antivirus which works well. Moreover, this antivirus software had been tested by different labs which resulted in good points for all the testing labs. From this case, this antivirus might be more reliable on how average antiviruses work.

  • Bitdefender

Bitdefender Antivirus is actually having two versions which are the free and paid software. If you need the free antivirus, so you can choose free Bitdefender which is not too much different from the paid one. You can also find the features in the free version as much as in paid version. However, the free one is still lack of protection than the paid one.

  • Cybersight

For ransomware protection, you need a help from Cybersight. This kind of software will not permit any encryption of file and also will detect and block directly all the ransomware samples. Recently, this software also handles the ransomware launched at Windows startup which makes it more credible to use as the antivirus. However, you have to make sure to reboot the computer right after installation since it will not be installed completely without rebooting.

  • Sophos Home

With the excellent features, Sophos Home becomes more popular recently. If you are looking for an antivirus which is effective to block any malicious URL, so the Sophos Home is the best choice. Once you install this antivirus and get the agreement, your surfing activity will be protected. In that way, it will be easier to avoid any kind of virus from any random URL. Moreover, the Sophos Home also has a feature for remote management which allows the user to manage up to three different devices.

So, it is safe to download and install free antivirus? The answer will be exactly yes as long as you get the software from the credible sites. That is why you have to be more careful about it. Actually, it will be enough to install the free antivirus which such many features inside. However, you will need to upgrade the features to be the paid one if there will be such a complex problem in your devices. So far, the free antivirus is good enough for protection and maintenance. For the personal use, the free antivirus might be useful and better choice.