Photo Editor that You Must Have on PC


Photography is the exciting activity. You can capture any side and any condition with the aesthetic point. Besides the best tools, you will also need some photo editors. Moreover, the photo editor also helps to let you get the photo that you need. You do not need any high camera as long as you have the excellent technology editor. If you want to get a pro-like photo, so you can get the applications on your PC.

What Are the Best Photo Editing Applications?

Actually, there are so many photo editing applications which are recommended for your needs. Out of that excellent editor, here are the four best photo editing applications for your computer:

  • Photoshop Express

For the affordable photo editor, the Photoshop Express is the best choice. The Photoshop Express is one of some versions of photoshop. However, this version offers more excellent features which will great for your photos. It also has a more gradual learning curve than the standard version. Before you need to wait for several times to open the application but for this version, this thing will never happen. It is highly fast and easy to access directly to the features. Then, you will also get the more amazing Effects features.

  • NET

The Paint.NET was developed by Microsoft to replace the Microsoft Paint. With the excellent features, the application created by an alumni of Microsoft program has great features that you need to try. Compare to the Microsoft Paint, the Paint.Net is greater beyond since it has more advanced features and will be functioned well.

  • GIMP

Besides the Photoshop, you will also need GIMP. GNU Image Manipulation Program or well-known as GIMP is one of the best alternative photo editing application. What makes it is more tremendous is the application is developed by the community of volunteer that will improve the features of the products. Then, you do not need to be worried since this application is compatible mostly for all types of devices. MacOS, Linux and Windows are compatible for the GIMP. Moreover, you will also get the high level of editing with various tools like a professional.

  • Pixlr

You might ever hear about Pixlr, right? Pixlr is already known as the site offering all the features free. Recently, it splits into two types which will let the users easier. There are Pixlr Editor for advance and Pixlr Express for the efficient. If you need to get the editor for your mobile devices, so it will be compatible with the iOS and Android as well.

So, what does make these two versions different? For the Pixlr Editor, it will give Photoshop-like features and outcome also almost the same. It will be straightforward for the editing tools and will let you design and give more effects on the photo that you want to edit. On the other hand, the Pixlr Express will be the higher version from the previous one but it will be not too much any different. Then, you will also easily access the web-based, desktop and mobile version.