The Easiest and Safest Way in Downloading Free Software


Having more applications on your PC or smartphone might be the best one. Moreover, all your needs will be served in there without running to another gadget. As long as the capacity of your PC or smartphone is still enough, it will not be a big deal. Then, it will be greater if you have all the applications for free. However, you have to be more careful about downloading and installing any kind of file and software. For the safest one, you can go download from FileHippo. As one of the recommended and safest site, your gadget will not be infected easily by any harm or virus.

Is It Safe Downloading Free Software?

Nowadays, you can easily find any kind of file containing any software that you need. However, this way might be a concern for you since you need to be more careful about it. Some people might be a little bit scared on downloading the free software from a random site. However, some people also had been got their software freely without any problem. So, the question is “Is it safe for downloading free software”?

The answer might be various. It depends on the condition. If you download the random file or any indicated harm for your PC, so downloading that kind of free software might be dangerous. On the other hand, as long as you download it from the official site so that there will be no any problem.  If you want to make sure that your PC will be safe, so you have to find free software from the recommended or even license sites. Then, you will get the software without any worries that your PC will be infected.

Once again, downloading free software is not kind of a mistake or even a sin. However, you have to make sure that you got the apk file from the recommended site. One of the best recommendations is FileHippo which you can find any kind of applications without any additional charge or even a virus as a bonus.

Step by Step to Download Free Software Safely

FileHippo is the recommended one. It will be guaranteed that there will be no virus that will make your PC messed up. However, if you want to get some other applications from another site so that you have to take some notes. Here are the best tips for downloading the free software safely:

  • Know What You are Download

For the first thing that must be highlighted is you have to know what kind of file or content that usually have more virus. For instance, pornography content has a higher chance bring virus for your gadget. So, you have to be more careful about that kind of content. As long as you download the true applications, there will be no problem at all.

  • Look Over the Site for Download

If you think that you will download the content that will not bring any harm to your computer, so it is a time for getting knowledge on the site. It is highly important to look over the site. You can check on the site credibility from how long the site has been existed. If the site that you visit is kind of a new and basic site, so you have to be more suspicious on it and be careful. On the other hand, the sites that have been built for decades have a lower chance of containing a virus or any harm.

  • Learn On the Type of File that Will be Downloaded

Although you got the two points above, you have to be more careful on the file that will be downloaded. Sometimes, there are so many visitors besides from FileHippo Download Free Software but in fact, all the files contain the dangerous virus. As anticipation, you can try to download indirectly. There will be a text box that will show the details of the file that will be saved. From there, you can check what kind of file that will be downloaded.

If you find the type of file is different from the actual file, so it is better not to save it. The different type of file from the actual type file is highly indicated as a virus. Then, sometimes you will also find the double extension like “gif.exe” which is actually you will download the “exe” file one. It is also highly indicated as a virus for your PC.

Wanna Buy a New Chair Office? Go Get Ergonomic One!


Choosing the chair for your office is not a simple thing. As we know, there are a thousand options for office chairs you can use. From all of the options, only some of them offer the comfortableness.

The comfortableness is the most important things while taking the new office chairs. If you buy the chairs without knowing whether it is comfy or not, it will make a huge impact on the productivity of your employees. While the employees feel comfortable in their productive zone, it pushes them to get more creative and productive as you hope.

Does It Comfortable Enough to Pick Ergonomic Chair?

You have to know first about what kind of comfortable chair which can be the best options for your office chairs. There are ergonomic chairs which can help you to get the best office chairs as what you need.

The ergonomic chairs claim and have proved to its comfortableness. The design of ergonomic chairs makes the users feel more comfortable while sitting on it.

What to Consider Taking the Ergonomic?

Before buying the ergonomic chairs, you need to know first about the things should have on the ergonomic chairs itself. Every ergonomic chair has a different style. It forces you to decide on the best office chairs.

There are some considerations you need to make sure you have them in your chosen chairs. Here are some considerations you have to know:

–    Seat height

Make sure you pick the chairs which adjustable height. It makes your employee adjust the height based on their comfortableness. Usually, the chair with adjustable height ranges from 16 up to 21 inches off the floor.

–    Seat depth and width

While choosing the chairs, the depth and width should be considered as well. The standard width of an office chair is 17 to 20 inches. For the standard depth from front to the back of the seat is 2 to 4 inches.

–    Lumbar support

The lumbar support is very important to the ergonomic chair. If it is available, you can choose the ergonomic chair with adjustable lumber on it. It helps the user to adjust the depth and height to fit their body. As we know, every person has a different shape of its body.

–    Backrest

Normally, the standard ergonomic chair is 12 up to 19 inches wide. If you see that the backrest is separate from the seat. It means you can adjust the angle and height of it. It helps you a lot to get the natural curve for your body.

–    Seat material

For the material itself, you just have to choose the chair which can make somebody feels comfortable while sitting on it. There are tons of materials you can take.

–    Armrests

Like the other parts of the chair, the armrest should be adjustable. It helps you to rest your arm in the best way.

–    Swivel

Make sure that your ergonomic chair can rotate easily and so the user can reach a different area without straining.

Get the Benefits of Using Ergonomic Chair

To make you sure taking the ergonomic chair is the best options. You need to know about the benefits of using this kind of chairs for the employee. There are several health benefits you can get from sitting in this ergonomic chair.

Would you like to know about it? Here we go:

–    Support your posture

–    More comfortable than the other office chairs

–    Minimize the risk of neck problems

–    Minimize the risk of back pain

–    Reduce pressure on the hips

–    Working more productive

With those health benefits, you can get from using the ergonomic chair. What are you waiting for? Let’s choose and buy the best ergonomic chair for your employee and get more productive for it.

Photo Editor that You Must Have on PC


Photography is the exciting activity. You can capture any side and any condition with the aesthetic point. Besides the best tools, you will also need some photo editors. Moreover, the photo editor also helps to let you get the photo that you need. You do not need any high camera as long as you have the excellent technology editor. If you want to get a pro-like photo, so you can get the applications on your PC.

What Are the Best Photo Editing Applications?

Actually, there are so many photo editing applications which are recommended for your needs. Out of that excellent editor, here are the four best photo editing applications for your computer:

  • Photoshop Express

For the affordable photo editor, the Photoshop Express is the best choice. The Photoshop Express is one of some versions of photoshop. However, this version offers more excellent features which will great for your photos. It also has a more gradual learning curve than the standard version. Before you need to wait for several times to open the application but for this version, this thing will never happen. It is highly fast and easy to access directly to the features. Then, you will also get the more amazing Effects features.

  • NET

The Paint.NET was developed by Microsoft to replace the Microsoft Paint. With the excellent features, the application created by an alumni of Microsoft program has great features that you need to try. Compare to the Microsoft Paint, the Paint.Net is greater beyond since it has more advanced features and will be functioned well.

  • GIMP

Besides the Photoshop, you will also need GIMP. GNU Image Manipulation Program or well-known as GIMP is one of the best alternative photo editing application. What makes it is more tremendous is the application is developed by the community of volunteer that will improve the features of the products. Then, you do not need to be worried since this application is compatible mostly for all types of devices. MacOS, Linux and Windows are compatible for the GIMP. Moreover, you will also get the high level of editing with various tools like a professional.

  • Pixlr

You might ever hear about Pixlr, right? Pixlr is already known as the site offering all the features free. Recently, it splits into two types which will let the users easier. There are Pixlr Editor for advance and Pixlr Express for the efficient. If you need to get the editor for your mobile devices, so it will be compatible with the iOS and Android as well.

So, what does make these two versions different? For the Pixlr Editor, it will give Photoshop-like features and outcome also almost the same. It will be straightforward for the editing tools and will let you design and give more effects on the photo that you want to edit. On the other hand, the Pixlr Express will be the higher version from the previous one but it will be not too much any different. Then, you will also easily access the web-based, desktop and mobile version.

What to Consider Before Buying a Tablet


Tablet is one of the most popular advanced technologies followed by smartphone and laptop. Many people like to have a table even though they already had a smartphone because it helps them to do things which need a larger screen.

Outside of working on something, the tablet is friendly for watching videos, gaming, and other gadget activities. If you would like to buy the new tablet, don’t take it in a random.

Some Consideration to Think About….

Before buying a tablet, you have to understand buying the tablet is not as simple as you thought. You need to think of some consideration to lead you to get the best tablet as what you need.

As the guidance to buy the tablets, here are some considerations you may think off:

Tablet’s Types

When buying tablets, you may go to buy the stand-alone or convertible one? Both are types of tablet. Both have different ways to use. The similarity is the using of the touch screen for the access.

Nevertheless, both have a slightly different function. If you need a table for a laptop replacement, you can take the convertible one. Usually, it comes with the keyboard while you buy it. You can plug in the keyboard if you use them and detach after using it.

Different with the convertible, if you are using the stand-alone one, you have to use the Bluetooth keyboard if you need. Its form is like the oversize smartphone also has thinner than the convertible one.


As if the smartphone, the tablet has some sizes you can take. It is range from 6 inches up to 18.4 inches. You just need to decide on the screen size which you need most. If you need a table to take with you anywhere, it will be better if you take the small and light tablet. The larger tablets are less portable and usually use for the laptop replacement.

Operating System

Like the smartphone, the tablet has the option of operating system too. You can choose the iOS, Android, or Windows. Each of operating system has a different way to use. It comes with different themes, supported apps, and more.


You have to figure out about what kind of the function you will use on the tablet itself. Is it for working, gaming, media consumption or for your kids only? Why should the function be more considered?

If you would like to use the tablet for certain activities, it is so much better if you take the support tablet for it. For example, if you would like to buy the tablet for your kids, you have to choose the tablet with a smaller screen size, parental control features, durability, and the price itself.

You should not take the larger tablet because it is not comfortable to hold. You have to adjust it with their small hands. Don’t forget to take the tablet with its guarantee to help you if there is something wrong with the tablet.


The other considerations you need to take is about its specs. The specification is a main important consideration. Its specs will make a huge impact toward its performance. The specs you need to pay attention to are processors, RAM, memory internal, storage and expandability.


The battery life is a very important thing if you use the tablet for works. You need an extra battery life for more or less 15 hours in a single charge. You shouldn’t buy the tablet with small battery capacity. It can’t help through your productive time.

Those are 6 main considerations you need to rethink to buy the new tablet. It helps you a lot to decide what kind of tablet you need to buy. Let’s make the considerations become the guidance to take the best tablet one.

Get Ergonomic Keyboard for New Typing Experience


If we are talking about the advanced technology, there are many interesting topics to discuss more. Now, we live alongside the technology. We use it well to help us get through day by day in more efficient ways.

One of the advanced technologies which are used by many people is about the ergonomic keyboard. Have you heard about the ergonomic keyboard before? What kind of keyboard is it?

What Is Ergonomic Keyboard?

Well, an ergonomic keyboard is a keyboard with the different shapes of a regular one. It uses the same as the regular one, for the computer or laptop. Its design helps you to minimize the strain hands and other related problems.

Typically, the ergonomic keyboard has constructed to V shape. It helps your hands to get the natural angle while typing on the keyboard, not just keybard but chair have ergonomic one.

Are There Different Types of It?

If you are interested to buy the ergonomic keyboard, you need to know first about it further, like types, benefits, and consequences taking this keyboard. It helps you a lot to decide whether it is the best options to replace the regular with an ergonomic one or not.

There are 4 popular types of ergonomic keyboard you can see on the market. There are:

  1. Split keyboard
  2. Contoured keyboard
  3. Handheld keyboard
  4. Angle split keyboard

Are There Any Benefits of Ergonomic Keyboard?

Besides getting the new typing experience, you also can get some benefits from using this kind of keyboard. Do you want to know about it? Check this out!

–    It is more comfortable than the usual keyboards

–    It reduces the strain on your wrists and hands

–    It has less chance to get the Repetitive Strain Injury

–    It has a different angle which can allow your hands to get the natural position

–    There are many types of ergonomic keyboard and choose the best-fit one for you.

Don’t Forget about the Consequences

With all of the benefits, you can get from it, it helps you to consider more taking the new ergonomic for it. However, every time you pick something, there are some consequences you need to face, as well as taking the ergonomic for your new keyboard.

Remember, the consequences will be different from other, depend on their experiences using the ergonomic keyboard. If you are the one who still has no experience in typing on the ergonomic keyboard, you may…

–    Take time to type something on the new keyboard

–    Take time to adjust your typing habits because the ergonomic has a different shape from the regular one.

The other consequences you have to face are pricey and it will not solve any kind of workplace injuries. By considering the consequences before taking the ergonomic keyboard, it helps you a lot to prevent buying the keyboard you will not use for a longer period.

However, if you always use the ergonomic one, it is better to invest your money in the ergonomic keyboard. Thus, make sure you take it carefully by considering all the things before.

Protection from Free Antivirus Software, Why Not?


Nowadays, it is nearly impossible that there will be no any antivirus on your computer. The higher technology and its knowledge, it will be a higher chance for some problems increase. That is why antivirus software becomes the most important and precious one for many people. It has a function to maintain and protect the computer from any kind of virus that has more chance to damage the inside computer easily. In that situation, there are so many antiviruses which are excellent to have even free software antivirus.

Free yet Excellent Antivirus Software to Protect Your Computer

Actually, you do not need to purchase any higher price for the best protection. The free antivirus does not also come behind the paid antivirus software. Although you will not be charged any cost for the protection, it does not mean that you will get the worst protection. Here is the best recommended free antivirus which is highly excellent to use for your computer:

  • Avast Antivirus

Who does not know this antivirus? This antivirus is already presented for long decades ago. As the legend one, you need to install this antivirus. Moreover, you will have a password manager and an excellent security networking. If you need more features, so you do not need to be worried since Avast will give a special bonus for some event for security-related features that highly needed.

  • Kaspersky

Besides Avast, there is another popular free antivirus which works well. Moreover, this antivirus software had been tested by different labs which resulted in good points for all the testing labs. From this case, this antivirus might be more reliable on how average antiviruses work.

  • Bitdefender

Bitdefender Antivirus is actually having two versions which are the free and paid software. If you need the free antivirus, so you can choose free Bitdefender which is not too much different from the paid one. You can also find the features in the free version as much as in paid version. However, the free one is still lack of protection than the paid one.

  • Cybersight

For ransomware protection, you need a help from Cybersight. This kind of software will not permit any encryption of file and also will detect and block directly all the ransomware samples. Recently, this software also handles the ransomware launched at Windows startup which makes it more credible to use as the antivirus. However, you have to make sure to reboot the computer right after installation since it will not be installed completely without rebooting.

  • Sophos Home

With the excellent features, Sophos Home becomes more popular recently. If you are looking for an antivirus which is effective to block any malicious URL, so the Sophos Home is the best choice. Once you install this antivirus and get the agreement, your surfing activity will be protected. In that way, it will be easier to avoid any kind of virus from any random URL. Moreover, the Sophos Home also has a feature for remote management which allows the user to manage up to three different devices.

So, it is safe to download and install free antivirus? The answer will be exactly yes as long as you get the software from the credible sites. That is why you have to be more careful about it. Actually, it will be enough to install the free antivirus which such many features inside. However, you will need to upgrade the features to be the paid one if there will be such a complex problem in your devices. So far, the free antivirus is good enough for protection and maintenance. For the personal use, the free antivirus might be useful and better choice.